Shatta Wale – Cross Roads Lyrics ft. Medikal

Shatta Wale – Cross Roads ft. Medikal Lyrics

Shatta Wale – Cross Roads ft. Medikal Lyrics
Shatta Wale – Cross Roads Lyrics ft. Medikal

Shatta Wale – Cross Roads Lyrics ft. Medikal below:

Yeah man
This is crazy
Cross Roads ma nigga like
Me i no no how you dey feel about the album
buh I feel say maybe one thing wey people go like do
It’s Deeper than blood tho
Yeah man I know cus
The tracks men
Like Allow me you know, why me
Wah wah wah be your what be your favorite track on the album
Right now i say the allow me dey be me
Allow me, which one be allow me


The allow me the
The last one
The London type
Nah buh The verse, the verse you do be craazy
Yeah buh you know I like, buh ebi your verse wey make i do that verse
Norrhh Mad Mad
Yeah buh ebi the feeling
London bro
Shouts to every Londoner
You know say I like am when you when you enter the, the
The dancehall like that
Where we dey go right now,
me i feel say you know we dey go international so
Real shit real shit real shit

Unn cus You know mad
Hope you guys enjoy the album though
Cross roads ma nigga cross roads man
Real shit only
Yeah man
Real vibes
Ma nigga gave me a rollie though bust down rollie
No Buh you gave me a whole lot of things
You gave me money you gave me like
(oh come on) a couple of things
You know Ma nigga men
He bought shaxi for shaxi
We dey talk about rollie
Yo rollie bust down rollie
Buh no,
buh no rollie and car be different things you understand me
No you spoil there
The rollie dey fit buy cars

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Aww men, its crazy men
Buh yeah buh shout out to Unklebeatz
you know you know and Chensee you know you know
They too they try for we small
Them spoil there
As we dey jail I see say we come
Unklebeatz thet beat he play di3
i think say maybe he dey the jail there
Herh ebi serious ohh
Cus you know say the time we dey the cell en front,
that, the tempo everything (Iswear )
and that be the first (Iswear ) beat he play
Yo that be crazy
I sure say he go jail before
He be jail man

Yo big ups Obolo
Yeah shoutout to Obolo Stitches men
Banku Yale
Yeah Smoke men
Yeah yo Ah Attah Aryee
Everybody ma nigga like
Frimpong, yeah we got you men
Don’t worry
For life
Cross roads men that be what we do
Ernn you know,
we come meet you people for some road
but we go still meet again you know
Its hard
Yeah man

Shoutouts to everybody wey dey support MDK
shoutouts to everybody wey dey support Shatta Wale men,
we love you men
If you dey ride in your shaxi and you dey listen to this like its crazy



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