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Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit Mp3

Free Music download [Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit]

Free Music download [Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit]
Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit Mp3

Top-class American singer, rapper, composer, and hit maker Kendrick Lamar has just delivered fans with a brand new impressive record he titled “Rich Spirit”.

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is a popular American musician, composer, and record producer who is classified as one of the most influential rappers of all time as well as on of the best rappers in the world level. He is well known for his Jazz mixing up in his records. He is also hailed for his using music to narrate his life story. He actually began his career with the stage name, K.Dot as a teenager when he released his first mixtape “Y.H.N.I.C. (Hub City Threat Minor of the Year).

The new single is a follow up to his recently released track, The Heart Part 5. Both are a continuation of Lamar’s series, The Heart.

The new song was officially released on streaming platforms including YouTube on May 13, 2022. You can go get your hands on them with the download link below.

Finally the song was crafted in the studio by Beach Noise.

Kendrick Lamar – Rich Spirit Quotable Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Takin’ my baby to school, then I pray for her
‘Cause you bitches ain’t never been cool, writin’ testament
Paintin’ pictures, put me in the Louvre, that’s a definite
Universal shift, I’m in a groove
And celebrity do not mean integrity, you fool
I’m a good man, shakin’ hand, firm grip rule
Seventy-two ways, lost ten, ballin’ with the flu
More than two hands, fo’ sho’, but add another two, hmm
Lil’ man-man the big mans, the GT diamond flippin’ the kick stand, ooh

Rich nigga, broke phone (Ah)
Tryna keep the balance, I’m stayin’ strong (Ooh)
Stop playin’ with me ‘fore I turn you to a song (Yeah)
Stop playin’ with me ‘fore I turn you to a song (Ooh)
Ayy, bitch I’m attractive (Ah)
Can’t fuck with you no more, I’m fastin’, eugh (Ooh)
Bitch I’m attractive (Ah, ah, ah, ah)
Can’t fuck with you no more, I’m fastin’, eugh

[Verse 2]
The morality can wait
Feedback on low latency
I’m glitching from the face as my thoughts grow sacredly
I’m runnin’ out of space, ask Whitney she okay…


  • Song: Rich Spirit
  • Artist: Kendrick Lamar
  • Genre: Pop
  • Duration: 3:22
  • Year: 2022
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You can listen or download the free mp3 below.


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